Eight Vape Coupon Codes 2023 w/t Free Shipping

Apply coupon code for huge discount and bonus free shipping offer. EightVape is the best online shop and supplier of vaping products. The Eight Vape offers wide range of e-liquids, starter kit, tanks, mods, coils, RDA and many more accessories. Apart from all these things they also offer vape gears from big brands like Aspire, Kangertech, Tobeco, Eleaf, Subtech, Ijoy, Joyetech and more. If you are vape addict and want to try some new flavors of vape juice then this is the best place for you.

Top rated EightVape Coupons and Codes

8COPS – Use this exclusive code for your online order to get additional 5% discount.

B1G1 50% Off – For a limited time only buy one bottle of ejuice and get 2nd one at 50% off. An offer is valid for wide range of products.

Naked 100 eJuice Sale – During the sale time you can purchase Naked 100 E-Liquid bottle for $10.99 only. Regular price is $29.99. No need to use any coupons here.

Candy King Sale – Wow! Do you love Candy flavor? Here is the deal for you. Purchase Candy King eliquids for $13.50 per 100ml bottle. Moreover, you will also get a Plastic Fidget Spinners with your every order.

Free Shipping – Make sure to buy $49 worth of vaping product to get them at Free Ground Shipping in United States. Standard delivery charges apply if your order value is less than $49.

HAPPY30 – Apply the code to get 30% discount on all the e-liquids and get starter kit as low as $9.99.

Freebies – Purchase $100 worth of e-juice and get TFV12 for FREE. If you buy $150 worth of e-liquid then you will get a Free iJoy RDTA box mini kit.

10OFFNOW – It is sidewide valid voucher code for 10% discount. Cannot be applied to previous purchase.

Clearance Sale – Head up to the online sale section to buy your favorite vape juice at up to 70% off the retail price. They feature hundreds of e-liquids including Ninja Man, 1 inch Punch by Kungfu, 7-Daze, Bazooka, Firefly 2 vaporizer, Bad Joos and more.

Why to Buy from Eight Vape?

EightVape.com was started by three friend who love vaping and want to spread that culture to everyone that also love vaping. It was started with the goal to supply quality vape products at unbeatable price. Today they have hundreds and thousands of apply customers in US. Below are the main reason to shop at EightVape.

  • Offers wide range of products at affordable price and with promotion and discount code you can get it at further low price.
  • They accept return within 30 days from the date of purchase.

$5 Off – Eight Vape Coupon Codes (Register now!)

Sign up with your email address and name to get $5 off promo code for your next order. You can stack it with free shipping and other select promotional deals. Apart from that, company offers awesome rewards program where you can earn 2% store credit for every purchase. Later you can redeem your store credit in terms of discount coupons for your future orders. Moreover, Eight Vape also offers referral program where you get $5 credit for every friend you refer. More the referral more is the credit value. Your friend will also receive discount on very first order.


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Green Smoke Coupon Codes 2023 – 40% Discount

Top most Green smoke coupons and discount codes for Free Shipping. Green smoke is one of the biggest names in the industry of e-cigs. The kit of GreenSmoke comes with cartridges that are pre-filled which deliver very amazing flavors of e-juice. It is associated more with simplicity, dependability and high quality. Their starter kit comes with many useful goodies that come in handy very often.

Their starter kits vary widely in prices. The higher the price of a kit, the more accessories it will have. The five kits are;

Essentials kit: as the name suggests, you will only get the essential accessories with this package. It includes 1 battery, 1 USB charger and 2 cartomizers. For the cartomizers, you can choose anywhere between menthol ice and absolute tobacco.

Express kit: this comes with a lot more as compare to the Essentials. It comprises of one battery, five cartomizers, one USB battery and charger, a wall adopter and a carrying case.

Pro kit: this is the most popular kit of Green Smoke, and with good reason. It contains 2 batteries, 10 cartomizers, 1 USB charger and 1 USB cigarette, a wall adopter, car adopter and carrying case.

Ultimate kit: this kit is meant for someone who is ready to fully embrace vaping. It contains all the items found in the Pro kitwith an addition of 1more battery, USB charger, and a leather case for carrying.

Love Birds kit: this is meant mostly for couples who wish to switch to e-cigs. It has double of everything included in the pro kit, which offers an opportunity to save some money.

You can also buy a disposable e-cig from Green Smoke. This is meant for anyone who wishes to sample their products without having to spend on the starter kit.

Top rated Green smoke Coupons and Codes

Half Off: Save up to 50% on all starter kits. Choose any out of the three unique starter kits on sale that will fit your lifestyle and enjoy the offer. No coupon code is required

Free Shipping:  Get free ground shipping on any order made. This applies only to local deliveries within United States. You do not need any code for this.

OfficialGSCoupon10:  Use the voucher code given here to receive a 10% discount on any express kit, Essentials kit or Pro kit. Valid once per customer.

OfficiaGSCoupon5: You can try out all their flavors by purchasing the 10 flavormax cartridge pack at a 5% discount rate. Simply use the code during checkout on the official website. The same code applies for the leather carrying case as well.

Why you should shop from Green Smoke?

Their site is very user friendly. It makes the entire process of selecting your products and their specification very easy and convenient.

You get to enjoy the discounted rates using the coupons only when you use the official website. This allows you to make a lot of savings on all the products.

Buying from GreenSmoke.com also guarantees you genuine products that have not been tampered with.

Same as Pax 2 Vaporizer, these company also offer great customer service; who will always be just a call away to offer all the relevant information that you may require.

How to use the Green Smoke Coupon Codes?

  1. Add all the items that you wish to purchase to the shopping cart. For example if you want to buy Salvia then add that in your cart.
  2. Go to checkout
  3. Reveal the text field by clicking on the “+ offer code” button
  4. Enter the promo code that you wish to use and click on the “Apply code” button

Coupon policy of GreenSmoke

  • A promotional offer cannot be used on more than three purchases.
  • The vouchers cannot be combined with other promotional offers or deals.
  • Discount Coupons can be enjoyed by both new and current customers.

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10Motives Coupon Codes 2023 – Free Delivery

10motives is the UK’s leading online retailer store that offer wide range of electronic cigarettes, ecig refills, vaporizer and much more. 10motives.com do not sell product contain tobacco and ecig are great alternative to traditional tobacco based cigar. e-cigarette is harmless and you can alter value of nicotine level with VG and PG too.

Top rated 10Motives Coupons and Codes

Upto 60% Off – Electronic Cigarettes and Refills are cheaper than traditional cigars. You can save upto 60% off. So enjoy smoking without any negative side effects.

KITS – Apply the code and get 10% discount on purchase kits. Offer is not valid for any other products.

Free Delivery – Place an order of £50 or more and get that for FREE Next Day delivery. Valid for all the United Kingdom orders over £50. No need to use any kind of discount coupons here. Offer will be applied to your basket at checkout page.

ROCKET – Use the code when you place order of £30 or more to get Free Carry Case bag. Cannot be combined with any other promotion.

Free International Shipping – If you live outside of UK and still want to buy their world class vaping products then you can do that with Free Worldwide Shipping. Make sure to place order of £50 or more to get benefit of this offer. If you order value is below £50.00 then you will have to pay £3.00 for First Class Postage for UK order and £6.95 for International Orders.

Flash Sale – Check their dedicated online sale section to purchase your favorite items at upto 40% off the retail price. Some of products available at sale price are USB Charger, Charging Case, Magic flight launch box vaporizer, Flavoured refills, Taste kit, Mini Kit, Clearomiser, Cirro 3 Duo and many more. Voucher codes cannot be combined with sale.

tesco10 or efills or 10PERCENT – Use any of these code to get 10% discount on your total order of £50 or more.

10Motives offers dozen of vaping products that you can use without worrying about health. eCigs produce odorless vapor, so you won’t smell bad. Refills and electronic cigs are way cheaper than traditional one. Each of their cartridge and ecigs are tested and tried by independent laboratory. Some of their top selling products are Cirro, Evod, Heatvape, Hand e-charging case, firefly 2 and pax 2 vaporizer.

You can use discount codes to purchase their regular refills or kit or any other accessories to save huge. Company accept return of products within 14 days from the date of purchase, if you don’t like their product. Check their site to know more about return policy.

10Motives Coupon Codes can be used by both new and existing customers. However, some of their promo codes are valid for first time buyers only. If you are existing buyer then you should check sale section to purchase your favourite item at upto 40% off the regular price.

It should be noted that you can stack coupons given here with Free Delivery option to save huge. You can also combine sale order with free shipping offer. In order to know more about their coupon policy you can comment here.

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Best Cotton Wicking Material for Vaping

Different wick materials in vaping will often provide different attributes such as flavor, wick speed and the ease of use. The kind of vape produced is also relatively different depending on the material used. Some may improve the juice flavor while others will offer a subtle wick taste. Some will be a lot easier to use while others will require lots of preparation before using.

Of all the materials, cotton seem to be the most popular among vapors. This might probably be for the obvious reasons such as it is cheaper and easier to use, yet has all the desirable effects on vaping. Some of the best cotton wick materials for electronic cigarettes are discussed below.

Top 5 Cotton Wicking Material for Vaping

Japanese Cotton Wick

This Japanese cotton pads are 100% organic and happens to be on almost every vapor’s go to list. The reason for its popularity might be based on the fact that they are quite simple to use, with a little sliver being all that you need. It comes in form of pads that are in the shape of a perfect square, each having a thickness of approximately a quarter inch. All that you need to do is follow the path of the fibers to snip off enough and fit it snugly through the coils. It will provide a great cotton flavor as well as amazing clouds. If you want to buy one then don’t forget to apply the discount coupons to buy it super cheap from authorized sellers.

top cotton wicking material for vaping

Cotton Bacon V2

This is the second version of the cotton bacon line which is yet another amazing product. It is a major improvement of the original series which was still a great product. Among its great attributes is the non-existent priming time as well as the almost instantaneous great flavor from the second you put your e-juice on the wicks. The heat resistance is also improved which makes them last longer. The wick is a lot more forgiving in relation to dry hits. It is also easy to work with, proportioned perfectly to fit into 3mm coils when cut in half.

Native Wicks

This comes in the form of a roll that is designed perfectly to split down the middle and snugly fit in two 3mm coils. The fibers are laid out length ways just as in the Japanese cotton so as to provide optimum wicking. You will experience very little waste with this product, meaning that you get to enjoy all what you paid for. There are no break-in periods, you simply slot it in and you are good to go. It is fire resistant meaning that even when you set your coils on fire, you can re-juice it and it will have no ill effects or burnt taste. [ Comparison of Pax 2 and firefly 2 ]

Wizard wicks

This is another great favorite that comes ready to vape. It costs only $6. You can use coupon codes to reduce your spending on that. When you buy it, it is 12 feet in length and can be ripped, split and rolled into desired mesh. It is 100% cotton and gives you that accurate cotton wick taste that you desire.

Nakamichi cotton pads V2

It is another great cotton wicking material which offers amazing properties that all vapors would desire. It is also made of 100% cotton. It is available almost on all the leading eCig sites 10Motives etc.

Which is best Cotton Wicking Material for Vapors?

Using cotton wicks is definitely going to improve your vaping experience. Choosing the best wick for you would definitely require that you try a couple of products first as many vapers seem to have different preferences. Don’t worry though, whichever vaping cotton wick you choose, you can’t go wrong. You can use such wicking item with some vaporizers like Magic Flight Launch Box, Pax etc.

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VapeBox Coupon Codes 2023 – Discount Subscription

VapeBox new subscription coupon code for upto 40% discount. Vapebox offers the subscription based service for all the vape lovers. By joining Vapebox.com membership, you will get monthly delivery of quality e-liquids, hardware and many other vaping gears. It is Greenville, SC based company and that works with big brands like 13th Floor, Cousins, 7 Daze, Aeon, Black Label, Blueprint, Bushido, Cigreen, Cloud9, Efest, Eleaf, Flawless, Geek vape, Sense, Samurai, and many more.

Top rated VapeBox Coupons and Codes

ECR10 – Apply the code and get 10% discount on your first month of subscription. Not valid for existing customers.

FLASH48 – For a limited time only, you will get 15% discount on your next subscription. It is case sensitive, so make sure to use it correctly.

Free Shipping – Regardless of your subscription! You will get all your e-Juice, Hardware for Free Standard Shipping at every month. No need to use any coupons here.  Valid for your first month delivery only. If you want to buy from their online store then you can get your any order of $35 or more at Free Delivery. So make sure to spend $35 to avoid Shipping Charges. In that way you will save anything from $5 to $15 from your total order.

Flash Sale – Purchase Starter Kit, Chargers, Drip Tips, Tanks, Replacement Coils, Variable Mods, Stickers, Batteries and many more from their sale section at upto 30% off the retail price. If you are existing members then you will save even more. Make sure to first login to see members only price.

FRIENDOFZB – Copy and paste the comparison code to get 10% discount on order of Enthusiast subscription. Some exclusion may applies.

0NGPZ – If you are new customer then you can enjoy 15% discount on your first month of spending. That means you can save maximum of $9, if you get Enthusiast Package.

10OFF – It is another code, that you can apply at checkout page for 10% discount. Might not valid for store purchase.

How Does Vapebox Work?

Like Zamplebox and many other Subscription based service, VapeBox allows you to test your favorite e-liquids and hardware at super cheap price. Based on your interest and budget you can select either Sampler or Juice Lovers or Enthusiast plan. Monthly price of Sampler is $20, while Juicer lovers and Enthusiast cost you $32 and $60 respectively. Being member, you can purchase from their online store at discounted price. They monthly delivery 4 to 5 15ml bottles of eliquids.

It is available for United States, Canada and many other countries.

Vapebox Coupon Codes given here will help you to reduce your monthly subscription cost by 15% off. It should be noted that, each of subscription package is already at affordable rate. If you use promo codes then you will get your favorite e-juice and hardware at bottom low price.

Their Sampler plan gives you 45ml of juice bottles at just $20. If you get that from local market or any other online store then you will ended up spending $25 to $35. So you already save huge by subscribing their membership.

In order to use discount codes, you need to sign up. After selecting your subscription plan, you need to enter the coupon at checkout page to get associated discount.

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Koi CBD Coupon Codes 2023 – Get Free US Shipping

Apply coupon code for upto 40% discount and free shipping. Koi CBD is the manufacturer of 100% natural and 99+% pure CBD in an ISO certified lab. KoiCBD was started in 2015 with the aim to produce highest quality CBD products. If you are looking for pure cannabidiol extract then you should try Koi’s CBD which is legal in all 50 US states and contains ZERO (0%) THC.

Koi CBD discount couponKoi CBD discount coupon

Top rated Koi CBD Coupons and Codes

INSIDER – Purchase pure CBD oil from Koi and enter the code to get 10% discount on entire order.

Free Shipping – Choose from wide range of CBD products including oil, edibles, and topicals and get them at Free standard shipping. It is available for US orders only.  All the orders dispatched through USPS and priority US shipping is available at $10.

TNEYANRSXZ – It is the unique referral code that you can use get $5 discount on your first purchase. It is not valid for existing customer.

Flash Sale – For a limited time only, web users can enjoy up to 35% off the retail price. An offer is valid for select products only.  It is not valid for group purchase.

ONQG-AGRJ-HCEH – Purchase 500mg, 1000mg, 200mg, or 100mg vape juice and apply this code to save 5% off. It cannot be combined with any other promotion and offers.

Wholesale Deal – Are you retailer or small eStore owner or community who want to sell quality CBD products to your prospects? then try Koi as they offer exclusive wholesale pricing and fast free shipping.  Fill up the online form to apply for wholesale price.

15CENTS – It is bit code that you can try to save 15% off on your full priced item purchase. Not valid on previous purchase, and need to enter voucher code to claim your discount.

Why to Buy from Koi CBD?

Koi CBD is the US based eStore which was founded few years back and today leader in CBD market. They feature wide range of CBD products (i.e Vape juice, CBD Tincture, Topicals, Vaporizer, Pods, Edible and for CBD 4 Pet) available in different flavors, and quantity.  Below are the reasons to buy from KoiCBD.com.

  • Features 100% natural CBD that contains NO THC.
  • Uses highest quality ingredients and works in ISO certified lab only.
  • Offer 30 days money back guarantee. Not fully satisfied with your purchase? return it back within 30 days of purchase.
  • Koi often release discount code for new users to save up to 40% off the retail price.
  • All their products are GMO Free, Pesticides Free and Hexane Solvant Free.
  • Products are certified by third party laboratory and health consultant.

Facts of Koi CBD Coupon Code:

Unfortunately, Koi doesn’t often offer promo code, However there still certain promotional offers and deals that you can use to get huge discount. Fortunately you don’t need any code for it. Being an user you can stack your coupon with free shipping offer. However Koi don’t allow stacking coupon with sale and other promotion.

Like many other companies, Koi too has referral program. Earn $5 in-store rewards when you refer your friend. Your referral will receive $5 discount on their first purchase. Make sure to share your unique referral discount coupon with friend and relatives to get benefit of this awesome rewards program.

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Mountain Oak Vapors Coupon Codes 2023 – Upto 55% Off

Mountain Oak Vapors is a company based in the United States that offers premium quality E-liquid made in the USA. The e-liquids come in a very unique and attractive packaging and silver-colored labels. They are in nice glass bottles each of which is bubble wrapped. They have a total of 35 flavors, each of which you can get in different concentrations of nicotine.

Anyone looking to get value for money should definitely opt for Mountain Oak Vapors. The wide range of flavors make it quite easy to get exactly what you need. The flavors are maturely defined to reserve the top spot in the industry. The prices are also quite reasonable with frequent offers that are at times too hard to resist.

Top rated Mountain Oak Coupons and Codes

20% OFFThis offer gives you a 20% discount on the total sum of your order. Make sure to enter “HAPPYLABORDAY” which is valid for online sales only.

10% OFF “NOVEMBERSALE” : This offer is for registered online customers only, giving a discount of 10% off on all orders.

SYNDROME : This voucher code is a perfect way to kick off your morning vape. Using it will give you a 15% online discount.

10% OFF Site-wide Code “WHATSYOURMO” – This code applies to the premium Tennessee brand. You will get 10% discount on all your orders.

Flash Sale – For a limited time only you can shop from their online sale section to get whopping 60% discount on your favorite e-liquids.

TUC – It applies to all their products. Valid for 10% discount on your entire order.

How to Use and Find Such Coupons?

Applying coupon is one of the easiest ways that a shopper can save money online. Most of the time, it requires one to leave the site and go looking for the offers on other sites because most retailers don’t display the discount codes that are active. This is something that most online shoppers consider a hassle and end up losing on the opportunity to save.

This is the dedicated pages that specialize in publicizing any special offers and exclusive deals for any future orders. You can use shopping toolbar that is add-ons that display the codes automatically whenever you visit a shopping site. You can use to purchase best 18650 batteries, vaporizer, mod and many other accessories. Most of this codes have limits on the number of times they can be used, and some even have expiry dates. The codes usually give incentives such as discounts or free shipping.

Once you get the promotional offer, you can input it on the shopping site during the checkout process. The code automatically reduces the total payable amount of your cart.

Mountain Oak Coupon Codes Policy

The coupon policy requires that you only use one code for any particular purchase. It is note valid for high dosage nicotine e-Cigarette products. The code must be active and not expired in order to work properly. No flashback is awarded if value of the coupon is greater than that of the purchased item. Coupons from other retailers cannot be accepted. We also reserve the right to refuse, accept or limit the use of a promo code or return of an item purchased using coupons.

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Grasscity Coupon Codes 2023 – Free Shipping Discount

Find a Grasscity 30% off coupon codes plus Free Shipping.  Grasscity is the leading online headshop that was started a decade back. Grasscity.com was started with the aim to provide you online marketplace where you can find all kind of smoking related gears and advice from like minded people. You can sell or buy almost all kind of ecig, vaporizers, glasses and much more from their store.

Grasscity.Com coupon codes

Top rated Grasscity Coupons and Codes

klw24khd – Hurry up and enter the code given here to get 10% discount on almost all the products.

Free Shipping – No any restriction. All the US orders above $100 will be qualify for Free Standard Shipping. You will see the message about that at your checkout page.

Bong Under $49 – No need to spend huge amount of money on bong, bubbler and water pipes. You can browse from dozen of top selling bongs below $49. You are allowed to stack coupons if any.

Stash Jar Sale – For a limited time only, you can shop from online sale section to purchase your favorite smoking product at upto 40% discount. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.

Free Worldwide Shipping – Living outside of US? Don’t worry you can still enjoy Free delivery on your any valid order of $300 or more. Instead of spending tens of dollar on international shipping, you should try to make your cart value to $300 to get save that money. You can always stock e-juice or bongs smoking material and save huge on shopping.

VaporGenie for $79 – Love vaping! Now you have reason for that as Grass city is offering awesome deal on order of selected vaporizer including VaporGenie, Magic Flight Lunch Box and more. You can get Vapor Genie for just $79. Check their site for more details.

GCTJOOS – Copy and apply this code to save 12.5%. It is sitewide valid offer, but unfortunately bit old. If you are lucky then you could discount on total purchase.

Why should you buy from Grasscity?

Big reason to shop from them is that they are one of the oldest and most trusted online shop exist since last 14 years. They have team of expert who always ready to help you out for your any kind of weed and vapor related queries. You can join their most active forum having half million users to get answer of your any kind of questions.

Company offer Free US and International Shipping without using any discount coupons, so you can save tons of money if you have coupon to stack with it. Collaboration with world’s leading brands like Roor, Snob glass, Bent glass, Rolling paper brand, black leaf, Glasscity, VapeXhale, weed star glass, Funguys and many more.

Grasscity Coupon Codes ( Signup! )

Check their site and register your email address to get regular alert about ongoing deals, promo codes, special offers and newly added weed products. On registration you will also get welcome offer of 10% off that you can use for your any future order. Valid for your account only.

You should also check their social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to find more and more working promotion. Alternatively, bookmark this page. We have created this dedicated page to provide all the discount codes and offer that can save you upto 70% off the retail price. Coupon can be used one per user per account and sometime valid for selected product only. Also make sure that your cart value is above the minimum required one.

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Joyetech Coupons 2023 – UK Discount Codes

Joyetech up to 40% off discount code and free shipping coupons. Joyetech is the manufacturer and supplier of high end electronic cigarettes, vaporizer and accessories. Joyetech was started in 2007 and today they one of the leading eCig brand with millions of happy customers all around the world. You can purchase their award winning starter kit and e-liquid in US, Canada, UK, Australia and many other countries.

Top rated Joyetech Discount Coupons and UK Codes

50% Less – Visit the UK website to purchase premium eGo One CT Kit at just £25, instead of £49.00.

20% Off – During this entire weekend you will save 20% off the retail price for eliquid orders. Valid for both UK and US sites.

10JULY13 – Copy and paste the code at checkout page to receive 10% discount on your entire purchase. Not valid for your order of Haze Vaporizer and other accessories.

Affordable Shipping in UK – Regardless of order size or value, they ship all the order at flat standard rate of £1.99. Express delivery is available at £6.99 only.

JOYENEW25 – Purchase cartomizer, atomizer and many other accessories worth $100 or more to get 25% discount on that order.

Giveaways – Visit the Facebook and Twitter pages of Joye Tech US and UK to participant into their ongoing contest and sweepstakes. You just need to like and share their post and pages with your friend for a chance to win eCig kit and liquid for FREE.

07JULY15 – Shop from UK site to get 15% discount on order of selected items. Coupon cannot be combined with any other promotion or sale.

Flash Sale – You can purchase Wismec, eGrip, eCig parts from official site or from third party sites like Davinci Vaporizer etc. They often host sale and giving you opportunity to save upto 40% off the regular price.

Bundle Deal – Visit the US site to purchase Today bundle at 25% discount. If you are just beginner then it is best deal for you as it includes all the things that you need to start your electronic vaping journey.

Free Shipping – All the United States customers can enjoy Free Shipping on order of $60 or more. Standard charges apply for all the order below $60.

Why should you buy Joyetech online?

If you are experienced vapor then you might be aware that how good they are in the industry of eCig. They are considered as one of the most popular and hot selling starter kit. It is designated in such a way that you won’t have to worry about heating and puffing issues. It is portable and durable too, so you can take it anywhere.

They offer 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Moreover, Good thing is that you won’t have to buy extra 18650 batteries to as it comes with their in-build battery and charger.

10% Off – Joyetech Coupon Codes ( Signup! )

Register your email address to join their newsletter. They will send you 10% off promo code, valid for your first order. Moreover, you will get regular update of newly added device, accessories and deals.

If we compare Juul vapor kit and pods with that of Joyetech, then we can say that maintenance cost is too low for Joye. However, you can always use coupons to buy your favorite item at discounted price.

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Best E-Liquid Brands 2023 in World – E-Juice Flavors

Find out best eliquid brands in the world. Buy top ejuice flavors from big brands in 2023. More people turn to the use of e cig over traditional cigarettes is to avoid the severe effects of tobacco and also to enjoy the flavor that has been brought into play with the introduction of this product. According to research eCigs are safe and better option than older cigars. There are different e-liquid flavors in the market that serves the market well. But also there are a few that have stood out as the best in the market. This is due to their good flavors that have made users recommend them. To be looked into below here are some of the best e-juice flavors loved by people of US, Canada, UK, Australia, France and other European countries..

 Top rated e-Liquid brands to consider in 2023

  1. Halo E-Cig : This is one among the best e-liquids in the market. All the ingredients used to make it are FDA approved, making this e-liquid 100% safe for consumption. This brand is well known for producing sweet tasting flavors and quality eCigarette too. Their flavors come in different nicotine strength levels.
  1. VaporFi : This e-liquid has the highest standards of manufacturing. It is often considered to be the best of the best in terms of producing nice flavors. They have passed all the quality tests set by FDA and hence fit for consumption. Most of its users have posted positive reviews for this product. Sometime you should have same brand of Cartomizer to use the liquids given here.
  1. VaporBoost : The makers of this e-juice have made a true revolution in this market by introducing exotic tastes ranging from lemon lime to cappuccino. Also in play here are the enhancers that are added to each bottle. There are three main blends for different functionality as mentioned below here;

1.) Energy Blend- for boosting energy.
2) Zen Bliss Blend- for relaxation.
3.) Sleep’ Blend- for restful sleep.

  1. Liquid ID : By using this flavor, a consumer is allowed to pick up-to three flavor options and also add a boost. Most e-liquid providers do not offer this combination. Therefore it makes to be among the best.
  1. Virgin Vapor : Their liquids are made from organic flavors and juices. It is a sign of concern for what we inhale. Therefore, if you are looking for something pure, natural and healthy then you should opt in for Virgin Vapor only.

The above mentioned are among the highest selling liquid flavors and eCig Vaporizer  in the market. There is no preferential numbering in the list above. There are many more brands that feature world class e-juice but some of them are limited for certain regions and country only, so I have not listed that.

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